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Romney's Bigotry Crusade

Washington Times
By Gregg Jackson and Paul Dinger

What do Rosie O'Donnell and a Mitt Romney campaign strategist have in common? Both have compared evangelicals with the September 11 terrorists. And both have characterized evangelicals as narrow-minded, bigoted, intolerant hypocrites.

We understand why Rosie says these things. But what's with Gary L. Jarmin? He is vice chairman of the Romney for President “Faith and Values” Committee and he wrote these things in a Nov. 20 online edition of The Washington Times titled “Hypocrisy pitfall on the campaign trail.”

Surreal as it seems, this is part of a larger Romney campaign strategy. For most of this year, Romniacs have been pointing the finger at the GOP base and accusing them of bigotry for not being interested in Mitt. Among the most prominent Romniacs are talk show hosts Hugh Hewitt and Sean Hannity, who have been calling evangelical noninterest in Mr. Romney ugly bigotry again and again. Ugly bigotry? Excuse me?

Since when does not being interested in a political candidate put you in the same category as the Ku Klux Klan? Since when does a politician have the right to publicly slander you, your religion and your constitutional right to vote for whomever you want for whatever your reason? If Mr. Romney is right, then the history of the last 40 years of presidential elections is the history of ugly bigotry. Americans elected evangelicals or men who pretended to be in each election.

Mr. Romney's eight-month bigotry crusade is perhaps the final piece of evidence that he is a closet liberal. A half-century Democrat talking point is “evangelicals are bigots.” Evangelicals founded the Republican Party. This is the first time a Republican candidate has tried to win votes by guilt-tripping the GOP base.

When we published an expose on Mr. Romney on showing his governor's record reveals him to be nearly as liberal as Ted Kennedy, Romniacs descended in droves clutching a large suitcase of evidence showing we were completely wrong. Just kidding. They called us “bigots.” Mr. Jarmin's piece is the latest and most hysterical Romniac response to our expose.

Romniacs act like the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is back, trying to take down their man — just like they tried to do to Hillary's husband. Blinded by hatred, this bigot conspiracy will stoop to anything to stop Mitt — anything — including showing voters his governor's record.

It gets more surreal. Why would a family-values guy like Mr. Romney use mind control techniques from liberal and gay propaganda manuals? Anyone who doesn't agree with gay leaders about everything receives a loud public caning — ”homophobe, homophobe, homophobe.” Mr. Romney's ”bigot, bigot, bigot” is virtually identical. Homophobe, bigot: same thing, aren't they?

Sounding like a future Hillary speech, Mr. Jarmin declared, “if evangelicals succumb to hypocritical, narrow-minded bigotry, not only will they have done great injury to their cause and country, they will have proven their critics right: they're still not worthy or ready to lead.” What would Jesus say?

Jesus said he is the “narrow gate,” which is where the liberal “narrow-minded” epithet comes from. The big problem with Mr. Romney's bigotry accusation is that it inevitably becomes a critique of Jesus' teachings and a challenge of the authority of the man on whom the most advanced civilization in history bases time.

Mr. Jarmin laments the fact that not voting for Mr. Romney will insure a “pro-abortion, pro-gay rights Rudy Giuliani” or “a liberal Democrat for president.” Mr. Jarmin seems to have missed some key points about his candidate. As our investigation shows, Mr. Romney is pro-abortion and pro-gay rights. The big difference is: Rudy didn't make abortion part of his health-care plan and give the Cradle of Liberty gay marriage. Mitt did.

Mr. Romney pretends evangelicals have made his religion the major issue of his campaign. The truth is, Mr. Romney has focused America on his religion as a smoke screen to cover the fact that he is a closet liberal in a Reagan costume.

As radio talker Hugh Hewitt recently observed about one of Mr. Romney's rivals: “Once they find out he's a liberal, it's all over.” Exactly. This is why Mitt is desperately directing attention to his religion and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of evangelical bigots trying to stop him from saving America from the dragon lady. The problem is: the closer you look at Mitt, the less he looks like the antidote to Hillary, and the more he looks like Hillary ... in a Reagan suit.


Gregg Jackson is a radio talk show host on WRKO in Boston and author of “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies: Issue by Issue Responses to the Most Common Claims of the Left from A to Z.” Co-author Paul Dinger is a 30-year veteran Boston journalist and is writing a book entitled “The Secret Meaning of America.”

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